Rashied Amini
Rashied Amini
Rocket Scientist & Photographer

About Me

In the past year, I've relocated from Los Angeles, CA to St. Louis, MO to pursue a PhD in Physics...all while continuing my work at NASA JPL as a space nuclear power systems engineer remotely.

While in LA I did studio photography (promotional, fashion, glamor, and some fitness) in addition to personal projects. I look forward to exercising my talents in the St Louis market.

Personally, photography is a unique convolution of the science and aesthetics. Knowledge of light, optics, signals, and sensors does not produce good photos - but it does provide a technical understanding of how to produce a desired image.

Aerial Photography

Whenever I fly I strive to document the world from above. At higher altitudes, understanding the inter-connectivity between the complex systems of man and nature becomes more tractable.

While looking at these photos ask yourself: "Why is the world this way?"

Cameras & Gear

Pentax K7
Pentax 645N
Fuji GW690II
Calumet 4x5
Various SLRs
Norman 202s & PCB White Lightnings with Vagabond
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